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The foundation of success is built on strong relationships. This is true in Business and Personal Relationships.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a community of Conscious Culture™; a community that functions as supporting entities comprised of businesses embodying integrity, honor, transparency and trust. We know we can truly create commerce in a manner that supports all, where we do not have to compromise ourselves, our planet, or our businesses in order to […]


It is important to continue to build your knowledge and develop your team members.  You are not your company, you are the steward of your company.  Your job is to utilize your personal talents and resources to make your community stronger.  If you have employees, you have a responsibility not only to them but to […]

The Science

It is proven scientifically that there is an electromagnetic field generated by thought. This is the means by which brain waves, memories and emotions can be detected in the brain. Positive and negative electromagnetic charge is the glue that holds this reality together. It starts at the atomic level. Atoms have electrons and neutrons, which […]

About Us

Campden Enterprises is a trusted source in moving your environment into a true world of commerce. This new world is based on peace, honorable and loving interactions, cooperative associations in business and personal life, and caring for the environment. Our purpose is to contribute, develop and acknowledge the gift within each person and how it […]