Our vision is to create a community of Conscious Culture™; a community that functions as supporting entities comprised of businesses embodying integrity, honor, transparency and trust. We know we can truly create commerce in a manner that supports all, where we do not have to compromise ourselves, our planet, or our businesses in order to live prosperously.

The Shifting Business World

We are at a time of cultural change, the most amazing time to be lived yet.

2015 is the year the Millennial Generation takes over the workforce by 45%, with the boomers trailing at 31% and the Gen X holding strong at 21%. It is important to understand this historic moment; a bridge is needed to assist with communication, training and relaying the messages of what defines progress.

We can assist you in building the bridges, finding productive ways to adapt to the audience at hand and deliver the message in a way that your customers & employees can accept and understand.

Do you own a company with morale issues, high employee turnover or are you wanting to expand but don’t know where to start? We are here to help. We will work with you and your team to establish a strong and transparent culture. If you hire people based on skill set and not on your company’s culture, you will often find challenges.

Are you a Solo-preneur ( Real Estate, Webmaster, Consultant) waiting for the next big sale?  We will work with you to establish a loyal customer base that aligns with your vision not just your price point.

Are you an Author or Public Speaker interested in growing your sphere of influence or desiring to become known as an expert in your field?  We have the formula to get you there.

Campden Enterprises offers you a proven formula of success. We assess your current situation, gain understanding of where you want to go and then proceed with a personalized plan for getting you there.  We guarantee that when you work with us you will see a positive change within the first 60 days if not sooner.