We assist with the linear aspects of your overall vision, strategic planning and the elements needed for a solid foundation that will sustain any economy. A vision of expansion into the world without budget cuts, downsizing and living smaller.


  • Can you keep track of all of the moving parts of your business?
  • Do you know what your balance sheet looks like at any given minute?
  • Are you marketing to your audience in the way they receive information or the way “you think” will pay off?
  • Have you clearly defined your target audience?

If you answered no to any of these we can help you.  We will hold your hand every step of the way until you automatically do it yourself.

Business Development Services:
Preliminary Business Analysis ~ Revenue Modeling

2 Weeks Strategy Plan ~  New Product Implementation

Weekly Group Coaching ~ Brainstorm with other business owners

90 Day Success Plan  ~ Take your company to the next level

180 Day Success Plan ~ Train Leadership so you can GET ON your business
NOT IN your business.

Individual Private Consultation:
Dig in and build an intensive personalized plan that completely transforms not only your business but your personal life as well.

Specialized Team Building or Leadership Retreats:
Allow our team to come in to implement your training, provide team building experiences, or plan a Leadership retreat where you can expand upon the vision of your company.


 Endorsements From Our Clients:

“Thank you. For being who you are and doing what you do.  It was impressive and impactful.  I felt and still feel, differently.  More empowered.  More present. More important, More full and more worthy.  I feel as if a missing part of me has been put into place and I have a wholeness about me.  I believe that I NOW KNOW and WHOLEHEARTEDLY understand that my HIGHER POWER is in control and my purpose will be revealed to me as I follow through with each step I take.”  SB in San Antonio

“Thank you very much for your beautiful workshop on Saturday. I went out today and bought myself a gratitude journal book so that I could start logging my positive blessings I will receive each day small or large.  Going to work on the time management next.  Looking forward to the next workshop.”  DF in San Antonio

“I implemented one strategy that was suggested and it netted me an additional $1000.00 the first day.” SC of Florida